Water Classes


Shallow Water Aerobics  - Held in the warm water therapy pool. Water aerobics is a fun way to exercise that involves stretching and movement. Doctors and fitness experts increasingly acknowledge the many physical benefits of water aerobics. Water aerobics can benefit many health conditions including arthritis and fibromyalgia. It can help in the recovery from injury through flexibility and range of motion. The water resistance during movement helps strengthen muscles. This low impact exercise is great for non-swimmers, swimmers and seniors.

Deep Water Aerobics - Held in the competition pool in the 7 foot section. Get the benefits of weights, aerobics and stretching in this class. The deep water workout teaches you to use the water as a gym while performing sports moves- running, biking, kick- boxing, etc. You can duplicate most exercises done in the gym in the water without the impact on your joints. Floatation belts are used to keep your head out of the water and dry. Arms and legs are used with the water creating a natural resistance. The more muscles you use and strengthen the more calories you burn. Reduce body fat, build lean muscle, improve cardio, and increase flexibility. Get all the benefits of shallow water aerobics plus much more in this class.

Kick It Out  - A tougher work out to help get in shape in the competition pool. No swim experience required. This class is to work your legs and get your heart pumping. With an easy stretch walk or kick to begin to full kicking and adding some weights to the kick set you can feel the burn. This is great for someone wanting you just worked out hard. Our goal is to let you know is a water class held in the competition pool.

Aqua Fit - Intended to work you out in the water and get your heart rate up. The competition pool provides the perfect place for this. If you do it on land we try to duplicate it in the pool. Starting with an easy jog proceed into running, jumping, lunges, medicine ball work and more. This is an overall body workout. Reduce body fat, build lean muscle, improve cardio, and increase flexibility.

Aquatic Arthritis Class - Taught by a certified Arthritis Foundation instructor who will lead you through an exercise program. The aquatics program will help reduce pain, gain strength and flexibility, socialization, and improve your day to day life. Classes are designed to be a fun and safe way for people with arthritis to exercise

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