Swim Lessons



Class Descriptions 

  • Aqua Babies: ages 6 month- 3 years
    This class will encourage new abilities in the areas of motor development, language and emotional and social skills.  It promotes a positive response to water and nurtures the parent/ child relationship.  We do not teach infants to "swim".  The infant will learn to float on their back, get a breath of air, and go for the wall. 
    Ratio of 6 parent/infant group to one instructor
    4 parent/child groups required to hold a class.
  • Preschool children- ages 3-5
    This age needs swim lessons to learn safety skills. The most important skill is the "roll over", a skill where your child will learn to float on his back and get air.  Other skills like swimming to the wall in care he accidentally falls into the water need to be learned as well. 
    Ratio of 4 students per instructor.
    4 swimmers required to hold a class.
  • School age children- ages 5-18
     This age needs to learn to swim on top of the water.  Underwater swimming cannot save their lives.  Children tire quickly underwater and trying to sustain underwater swimming may even cause a drowning. Learning a good freestyle stroke with proper air exchange will help your child build confidence in the water and may save his or her life
    Ratio of 6 students per instructor.
    4 swimmers required to hold a class.
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